What is your music about?

          “My music is my life diary, you’ll learn more about me listening to it than you would sitting down talking with me. Everything I’ve been through and my experiences are all in my music. The bad decisions, nightmares and thoughts of going thru what I was at the time. The journeys I’ve taken for my music career to become what it is today. My real raw emotions on my views of my city, my environment and my world from my eyes. The music I make is about overcoming any doubt you could possibly create and going for what you want no matter what the outside voices say. My music is about life through the eyes of Gutta Grimey 910.

          To Rap it up….

Being in two different groups Gutta Grimey 910 has always put his dreams behind everyone else’s. It was a wakeup call when the suggestion was made to take rapping serious and go solo. Gutta Grimey 910 since March 2012 has put out over 12 musical projects, took his city overseas to Holland, Amsterdam and Glasgow, Scotland, where him and MixKings Records President Bunty Beats recorded his second EP titled “The Product of My Environment.” Gutta Grimey 910 has definitely been making a name for himself as well as the city he claims and loves to rep “Jacksonville, North Carolina,” being amongst many other talented artists he is the only artist in his city with their own Pandora channel (Gutta Grimey 910 Radio). I invite you to take a listen and you’ll be glad you did.

Born and raised in Jacksonville, North Carolina, Gutta Grimey 910 was from a neighborhood called New River aka Niru. With his father being a single parent and loving music, it was only right Gutta Grimey 910 turned to it as he matured. The passion GG910 has when he’s rapping you can hear in every track you listen to. Gutta Grimey 910 makes sure to keep everyone he encounters conscious of where he’s from. Whether you see “J-Ville NC” on one of his custom hats or hear it on one of his latest singles, you will know where he’s from.

        ​What’s the difference in your music from others?

With my music I give my listeners a clear easy understanding of what their listening to. There’s always a good variety of different instrumentals with great concepts and outstanding lyrical content. Anyone can relate to my music especially, if they’ve experienced good times and bad times during life. My music can be inspirational, motivational, educational all in one. The fact that I have no comfort zone keeps the interest of my fans curious to know what’s next. It’s like whatever box society puts you in to say “Hey! I can do that to so, I’m not like them.” The music you hear I really live and the fact is I don’t need a gimmick.

       They Ask Me Where I’m from…

  I’m from the place where being comfortable can get you caught in the daily struggles of being from there. I’m from the place where some are a shame to be from. I’m from the place that can give you the drive to want more than what you see if you want it. I’m from the place where ignorance can get you killed quicker than gangbanging. I’m from the place where some feel they have to have a certain demeanor to be from there. I’m from the same place as every stereotyped rapper. I’m from the HOOD!